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Web Account Application


So you would like to have your own web account and domain here at Furtopia?  No problem!  Just read and follow the RULES.  It is very important you read through them all.  If the rules get broken it hurts us all.  We can ALL make this an open and commercial free community for all furs to enjoy and we will do it cooperating as furries. *tail wag* ;)  WhiteShepherd

We offer two domain names you can create websites from where you can host your art;
Furtopia.org - for websites that are primarily focused on furry art.
Artstyle.us - for websites that want to be hosted under a more broad/general category of art.


  1. Due to recent laws Furtopia can not accept applications from children under the age of 13.

  2. Web page accounts are limited to 1 hosted account per domain (limit 2 - 1 Furtopia domain and 1 Artstyle domain). Of course, if you're only going to use one web hosting account then only create one website. Websites created on Furtopia must have their artistic content related to Furry or the Furry community.

  3. Art/Content posted MUST be your own. The only exception will be an "Agent" posting for an Artist if:

  4. Please respect other artists copyrights/characters and only use with permission. Furtopia will immediately investigate and act on all such violations. Furtopia believes "EVERY" artist has the right to choose how their work is used. This includes artists employed by Warner Brothers, Disney, etc. ;) IE.. If it belongs to somebody else, make sure you have permission! :)

  5. Web accounts may not be used for storing/trading files (Example: warez/programs). Only content relevant to your site may be kept on Furtopia/ArtStyle. No illegal content or pedophilia will be tolerated! Our staff DOES check for compliance. Keep your FTP password private!

  6. You may freely link to your various pages you maintain here. But please do not link solely to graphic files. At Furtopia we monitor linking directly to files. This is to prevent abuse (mainly from adult pay sites who might try to link to your work). An exception of course, you may link to your files from the various furry auction services.

  7. If you choose to have adult themes/content, it is "YOUR" responsibility to screen for minors on your web page. A warning page entering the site if you host adult material is recommended.

  8. We will try our best to be fair to everyone and respect other's points of view. However, please note, Furtopia/Artstyle is a PRIVATE server and as such reserve the right to freeze or cancel any account it deems abusive and/or disruptive for any reason. Also, though we take measures to protect member data, members are ultimately responsible for backing up their own data in case of loss. Lastly, by opening/using service here at Furtopia you agree you are a 'guest" on this service and hold Furtopia/Artstyle and related services/individuals legally harmless/not liable and your sole remedy being you discontinue use of these services.

  9. Please don't waste space. If you want to put a high res picture or .mp3 on your web page for furs to enjoy that is just fine. But please no 400 meg uncompressed BMP's, 200 meg uncompressed .wav files, etc. Use compression wisely. If you would like to post a single file uncompressed greater than 20 MEGs, please notify staff on the forums. All content and web sites submitted to Furtopia/ArtStyle will always remain owned exclusively by their contributing artists.

Ok, now the good stuff! ;) ** When you get an account here at Furtopia/ArtStyle you get a Web account with 150 MB of space or more if requested (Please respect other users who need space and only request more if you really need it.) You'll get an FTP account for uploading your files to your web page. Finally you'll be given your own web address from a unique name you choose to point to your web page. (I.E.: www.yourname.furtopia.org or www.yourname.artstyle.us) Ok, below is the application form for getting an account at Furtopia/ArtStyle. The form MUST be filled out completely and then hit the submit button. Please wait up to 3 business days for your application to be processed. Your account information will be e-mailed to you. If you do not get a response or have any problems please post your issue in the support section of the Furtopia forums. :)
Notice: Before submitting application please read and agree to our TOS (terms of service) by clicking on the link.

What's your real name?
What's your Furry/Artist name?
(Your art will be listed under this name on the webpage.)
Are you acting as an Artist or an Agent?
Get an account at furtopia.org or artstyle.us? (F/A?)
What categories do you wish your web page listed under?
Choose catergories that apply.
Is your web site rated G, PG, Adult, or ALL?
(Chose: G, PG, Adult, or ALL)
Note: if you want your site labeled as ALL you must have your adult pages separated and labeled from your non-adult. Otherwise just chose Adult.
Give a unique name (no spaces) only letters &/or numbers (maximum 14 characters) for your personal web address and listing here.
This name will be converted to all lower case.
What is your primary personal email address?
If you have another e-mail you prefer to use enter it here.
Any e-mail address is fine here.
What is your phone/cell number? Giving this number is optional. If you lose your password and do not have access to your email, you can confirm ownership with a text message or call.
Choose a password for your FTP account to access your web page.
(there will be some characters added to this password and e-mailed to you for security reasons).
Intelligence test: This field is a test to make sure the applicant (you) is a real human and not a spam bot.  This field MUST be completed for your application to go through.  Please enter the following numbers WITHOUT spaces: six seven one and nine.
Default accounts are given 150 Megs of web space. If you need more at startup tell us how many Megs of hard drive space you need on the Furtopia forums under 'support'. Please do not request more than you will initially use. You can always request more space simply by posting under the 'support' section on the forums! :)
Do you wish your site to participate in the "Choice of the Week" page? 'Choice of the Week' allows Furtopia to select artwork on your website to be showcased on the Futopia main page with a link back to your website.
Are you over the age of 18?
(Required for having an Adult rated site.)
Please tell us where you heard about Furtopia.
Do you agree to abide by ALL rules and conditions set forth by Furtopia?
In this space key in any questions, comments, notes you would like.



Furtopia web hosting community, "furtopia.org" and all its' original works Copyright 2001.

Web page hosting and furtopia.org are provided to the furry community by: WhiteShepherd and Kada-Ru
and also by all the wonderful furs who contribute to making this world a reailty.