Dec. 11, 2002

This is WhiteShepherd here and I would personally like to thank all the great Furs who participated in Furtopia's first Poetry Contest. There were so many wonderful poems but each Staff was only permitted to vote on 3 poems. The Furtopia Staff judges in this contest were WhiteShepherd, Kada-Ru, Benjamin and Son of Earth.

Now, don't let the title fool any of you! It was very difficult to choose from the many wonderful poems submitted by talented artists! But, we did have to narrow it down by vote. Again, this was NOT an easy choice to make!

Here are the results you have all been waiting for!

First Place: 25 points is "Transition" by Sumarra


A sea of clouds flow in the night,
As I glide upon wings alight,
With starlight fire, so cool, yet bright,
It fills the sky, a glorious sight!

Dragon wings do hold me high,
Beneath the starwashed, moonlit sky,
'Bove creatures sleeping by and by,
I carry on, and up I fly.

Into the light I soar and sing,
A Legend's pride, with me I bring,
Amoungst the stars we hear it ring,
"Dragons arise! Join this being!"

Cares and troubles all wash away,
Leaving peace and love to stay,
Inside my heart I hear it say,
"Have you hugged a dragon today?"

Glowing bright, begin the stars,
Causing heehees and some hars,
Beneath our scales, we feel it warms,
Shining so, we're becoming stars!

Lifting with unearthly grace,
We rise up high to take our place,
Amoungst the stars in their chase,
'Round the skies in sedately pace.

Shining love and light below,
We watch as others toil and tow,
Waiting for them all to know,
Someday we'll meet and say hello.



Kada-Ru - I like the idea of all creatures arising into the sky as we all become stars and meeting each other and saying hello.

Son of Earth - I liked the free-spiritedness and the almost visceral feeling of the enjoyment of soaring.

Benjamin - I quite liked it's uplifting pace and subject matter. It has a quick, playful pace to it that matches the content fairly effectively.

Second Place: 18 points is "Maiden with Horn" by Heavy Horse

Maiden With Horn
by C. Alan Loewen

She walks among the roses, sunlight
Glittering off opal and pearl.
He sees through the blossoms
A delicate body of wreathed
Alabaster, distillation of sylph
And maiden.

"Alms!" he cries and the
Silhouetted vision pauses.
"Alms! Bless this poor manís

A whisper returns, "Do you ask
Or give?

"May we not do both?" He weaves
His web of words, "Come and
Enrich my heart."

Her retreat quickens his spirit.
He follows the shadowed vision
To a wooded glade.
Under an ancient oak, he sees
The body of a girl, the face of a myth.
Her spiral horn shines in the setting sun.

By wonder transformed, The
Novitiate lays his head, his
Life, his alms, in his
Mistressís lap.


WhiteShepherd - *smiles* This one took me back.... I think one of the first things I fell in love with as a child was a unicorn. I still remember those feelings well as this poem so beautifuly brings out. Beautiful words and a heart felt story. For me "Madin with a Horn" was my favorite.

Benjamin - I like the medieval approach to it. It adds to the fantasy setting of this timeless little poem. Hmm. I'm feeling tempted to hunt down that big book of poetry that I had when I was a kid. I wonder where it's gotten to? Your work is reminiscent of the style of poetry often shared in such books.

Third Place: 17 points is "Not Willing to Pay" by Railo Wolf

Not Willing To Pay

Day becomes night, As the sun goes away. Love is a price, I am not willing to pay.

A noise is heard outside, The heavy pouring of rain. As you run to my side, With a heart filled with pain.

The tears roll down your cheeks, As they roll down mine too. I give you a kiss and whisper, I will always love you.

I wrap my arms around you, Holding you close and tight. I let you know you are safe, And everything is allright.

I will hold you close, Until night becomes day. Because losing you is a price, I am not willing to pay.

-Railo Wolf


Kada-Ru - Because I can feel EXACTLY what he does when I think of my WhiteShepherd!

WhiteShepherd - This poem was simple and short. But it was gentle and soft to read. The message felt so true and brought back bitter sweet menories for this dog.

Other poems that were chosen.

"Jordan Draws" by Heavy Horse

Jordan Draws

Dedicated to the anthro art of T. Jordan "Greywolf" Peacock

Ink flows and
an ebony line forms
a face, an eye, a mouth,
the artist's desire made
corporeal-a faint echo
of a Divine hand when
it sketched its heart
on the virgin soil
of Eden.


Son of Earth - As an artist, I can appreciate that intense, dramatic moment as the picture slowly forms on the paper.

"Angel" by Lycan Taris T. Wolf


Darkness falls, the night begins
I start my journey, to escape my sins
Alone I start, drown in my tears
The night engulfs me, over taken by fears
The road is long, canít see the end
Run from my family, dash away from my friends

No matter how far I seem to go
I canít get away from the evil I know
Seeming like days, and weeks pass me by
Still running in darkness, alone still I cry

I trip and fall, my knees hit the ground
I look to the sky, no light can be found
I prey to the heavens, for help of some kind
Place my head down, once again start to cry

Out of the darkness, I see a light show
Out steps a figure, surrounded with a glow
He walks up to me, and extends his hand
I take it and he lifts me, back off the land

Who are you? I ask, with a nervous tone
Iím the angel you asked for, when you were alone
Have you come to take me, is it my time to depart?
No, I am here, to heal your heart
Together we travel, out of the night
You saved me from evil.
You mended my heart

Lycan Taris T wolf


Kada-Ru - I believe someone is always watching over all of us.

"Free" by Amaruk


4 soft gray paws move silently through the woods
A shadowy figure slips between the trees
But suddenly he stops, and heís heard to say:
"Am I going the right way?"
For a moment uncertainty
The dark forbidding grip of uncertainty
Wraps itsí hands around his soul and clouds his mind with indecision
"Iím not lost
I canít be
I wonít be
Surely this IS the way, it has to be"
What does this wolf desire so intensely?
Where does he run with such great propensity?
To find the meadow he schemes
For wind open spaces he dreams
To run through the tall grasses
To see the night sky so clear
To feel a sweet spring breeze, as across his face it passes
In his heart, it all seems so near
This great forest has always been his home
And heís never been one to roam
But heís always known there was more than this
The years passed, the desire grew stronger
Until one day he could contain it no longer
So now he runs, following a trail that only he knows
The further he travels, the firmer his conviction grows
Determination and desire
Panting on with eyes of fire
For the place where he can be like the wind
The wind that sweeps across the great plains

-by Amaruk


Son of Earth - It captures that feeling, I believe, all humans have to find their wild side. I also like how it lacks rhyme but not rhythm.

"Depression Senata" by Narrius

Depression Sonata

Mingling with my other emotions,
My sadness is only surpassed by my utter loneliness,
I cry, I scream for the mercy of others, for attention to my needs,
Tears leaking onto my face like bitter jewels.

What can come of life but pain?
In Death is peace
(no no no no no I deny it I won't accept it)
In the Requiem sung for the fallen

is there true adventure and joy.
Greedily, you chose to live the human life,
Realizing too late its curse,
Realizing too late the trickster, the shadowy specter

behind your dreams and nightmares,
Is the regulator Death.
Lies and bitter betrayal,
Are the true meanings of this weak human life.

There is a voice in my head that denys it
(I do I deny it and you shut up shut up shut up life is light is love is good in any form)
But I overpower it with the word 'Suicide'

I wanted the body of an animal.
I wanted to run with the pack, closer then friends.
Denied, I am human.
But I will still find out... what lies on the other side

in the other world.
If I cannot have the body,
the fur, the pelt of the wolven warrior,
then I will not accept the body of the human


WhiteShepherd - I felt this poem needed mentioning. I am a dog who normally does not focus on negative emotions. But sometimes something screams a truth, a memory experienced by so many yet not much explained. So many furs have felt and walked these steps. I think this poem made a clear voice to their feelings. In this dogs opinion a very good poem and a very furry poem.

"Dream" by Joel

By: Joel Hudson

this feeling of freedom overwhelms me
I finally have found the key
To being free.

Running among the trees
Finally feeling truly carefree
However, I know that this is but a

I feel disappointed,
But not depressed,
For I know that minted
Dreams can be returned to


Benjamin - Short, yet delightful. A nice reminder that dreams never fade away and die out.

You can see all the great poems in this contest in Poetry Corner in the Furtopia Forums.